Team Red White and Blue and Rajashree

Team RWB is transforming the way that America supports its veterans as they transition from service members to civilian life. We are creating communities of veterans with their families,that enjoy authentic interaction through physical and social activities.
Team Red, White & Blue sponsored a yoga camp for America’s Veterans to introduce and expand a yoga skill set towards a healthy lifestyle. The camp was held at Bikram Yoga Bronx for over 30 attendees and over a dozen instructors including renowned Rajashree Choudhury, the Founder and President of USA yoga...

Bikram Yoga has been working with Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) since 2012 to introduce yoga to the military and veteran communities. Jane Kartsch hosted the very first Team Red, White & Blue Yoga Camp at her studio in the Bronx in June of 2012. Rajashree taught the keynote class to conclude the weekend with her message of warmth and compassion. Since then, Team RWB has held Yoga Camps every year at Erin Logemann’s studio in South Naperville. This July, we held a second Camp at Zeb Homison’s studio in Pittsburgh. In addition, this October, we returned to New York, where Jane Kartsch hosted another Camp at her Yorktown Heights location. 

In 2014 Team RWB expanded the Yoga Camp program to add another Camp location in Tampa, with an emphasis on other styles of yoga. By design, the Camps are relatively small to ensure personal attention from the teachers, enhance interpersonal connections, and maximize opportunity for casual conversation. Though the activity of the weekend is yoga, the core purpose of the weekend is about getting to know ourselves and each other. 

Team RWB and Bikram Yoga work well together due to a shared philosophy rooted in the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity. Yoga is a prime path for revealing the strength of that spirit which lies within each of us. Leadership and service naturally blossom and extend through our communities as a result.

We thank each of our participants, the Team RWB leadership, the volunteer yoga teaching staff, and studio hosts, for making these Camps happen. Also, we want to recognize the family members who hold down the fort at home while their loved ones are away at the Camp. Our hope is that your veterans come home energized, refreshed and ready to lead others onto their own yoga paths. 

Please contact us if you’re interested in being involved or learning more! Team Red, White, and Blue.

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