Competitive Yoga

Beloved Community

I come to you with an open heart of gratitude and peace. As some of you know I have just returned from presiding over the International Yoga competition in Italy. It was a gratifying experience once again to be around all the wonderful yogis. To witness the power of yoga and to be reminded of what it can do for our lives, was truly inspirational. I congratulate the champions knowing they will be an example for those who approach this discipline.

I can recall as a child my mother insisted I practice yoga for health reasons. I was young and was not that interested. As I continued to practice I felt better and I also became very good at the art of yoga. After many years of practicing I realized it was special to me, but as a teenager I was very competitive. It wasn’t until I understood I could compete, that I really embraced my practice. I value the importance of yoga and how it makes us better individuals. But I also recognize that it can be a competitive sport without changing what it is in our lives.  I believe it is a good thing to show your strength as yogis in all ways. I want those who have practiced and who have excelled in the art of yoga to be able to compete, should they choose to do so. Just as other exercises are accepted in competition, I believe yogis should receive recognition for their excellence.  This in my opinion does not dilute or change the purity of yoga. We must understand that competing does not change the mastery. I have competed and it did not make it any less important for me. Accepting and encouraging competition in yoga will get more young athletes engaged and they will experience firsthand how yoga can change their lives.  Don’t we all agree if more people practiced yoga the world would be a calmer place?

Now that I have returned to the United States, and once again am beginning to focus on my life purpose, I am excited about all the amazing opportunities I am embarking on for my journey. Right now I am preparing for the Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica. This retreat will allow women to heal and grow spiritually as well as physically.  Because of the beautiful surroundings of Costa Rica, we will let go and grow with our mind, bodies, and souls.  I am walking on the path of growth and love and I hope that you will all continue on your life’s purpose and remain in the mindset of true yogis. Our world needs compassion, understanding and kindness right now. Let us share our gifts of love and light.  Remember to always EMBRACE YOUR TRUE ESSENCE.