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Why should you consider pregnancy yoga?

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is one of the healthiest ways to nurture yourself and your baby. You will learn to become more patient and gentle with yourself and gain confidence in the beautiful mother that you are becoming. Marvel at the miracle of your baby and what your incredible body and spirit are capable of creating



  • For First Time Pregnancy, better to avoid any new form of exercise.
  • You can practice Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga after the 1st Trimester.
  • Beginning after 1st Trimester, from 2nd Trimester till you are comfortable exercising you may practice Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga.
  • Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga can be practiced in Bikram Yoga Class with moderate heat at your own discretion.
  • If you are a regular Bikram Yoga Practitioner for more than a year, you can continue your practice with following Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga.
  • If you are a student (including Teacher) and is at a High Risk, follow your doctor’s advise.


Pregnancy Pose Benefits


Good for lungs and respiratory system, helps with mental relaxation, helps high blood pressure.


Works into the whole skeletal and circulatory systems, opens shoulder joints, good for frozen shoulder.


Improves overall body strength, opens pelvis, strengthens and tones leg muscles.


Works the twelve major joints of the body, good for central nervous system, facilitates lymphatic function.


Increases cardiovascular circulation, especially to heart blood vessels, may help clear blocked arteries.


An excellent cardiovascular workout, intensely stretches each side of the body, opens and increases flexibility.