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Hot Yoga Detox Retreat in Bali

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About this trip

Designed for people who need opportunity to detoxify and rejuvenate yourself physically, mentally and spiritually with lots of yoga.  Rajashree and her wisdom beyond the Hot Yoga, and tap into spirituality of the yoga of life itself. Enjoy likeminded people in more than just beautiful setting while you experience and learn vitalizing practices that can help you live with courage, energy, authenticity and joy. You will eat 100% organic living food cleansing meals, do 3 days juice detox, practice lots of hot bikram yoga,hot barre,, inferno hot pilates, flyhigh aerial yoga, hatha, vinyasa and towards end of the day after getting rid of all the toxins at the same time we give you lots of relaxation through yin, kundalini, sound healing, breathworks and  enjoy unlimited support and lots of deep learning in workshop styles and sharing sessions as at end of the day we want you to have lots of information and tools to start a healthy lifestyle and deepen your yoga practice. A real gift to yourself.

• Gourmet Lunch/Dinner on 2 days where we will be visiting some of Bali’s best raw food restaurants

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to Feb 18

Awaken Radiant Wellness with Heated Yoga Therapy

Transform your yoga practice, your teaching, and your life using mindfulness-based, heated hatha yoga therapy techniques. Yoga therapy provides a gateway to enhance your body’s own capacity to heal. Using yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, guided imagery, and yoga philosophy, this program opens your energy channels and allows healing life force to seep into every cell simply by being present and receptive.

Acclaimed international yoga therapist Rajashree Choudhury presents a dynamic approach for stress reduction, relaxation, anti-aging, and improved mental and physical health, and believes that by focusing on and cultivating healthy thoughts and positive self-talk, you can keep negative emotions under control.

Isn’t it time to take care of you? Learn how to approach life by developing and building upon positive thoughts, choices, and behaviors to invite radiant wellness into your life.

Note The program room will be heated to 85–90 degrees Saturday to Monday. Friday night will be a lecture-based welcome and orientation to the practice. Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions will be 3:00–5:00 pm.

What You’ll Experience:
•    Yoga therapy
•    Positive thinking
•    Radiant health


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Heated Hatha Yoga for Radiant Wellness

For all levels.

Transform your yoga practice, your teaching, and your life using mindfulness-based, heated hatha yoga techniques. Acclaimed international yoga teacher Rajashree Choudhury presents a dynamic approach for stress reduction, relaxation, anti-aging, and radiant health.

Rajashree points out that we live in an emotional world where denying negative thoughts only creates more difficulties. By focusing on and cultivating healthy thoughts, we keep negative emotions under control. This weekend, Rajashree focuses on the emotional side of yoga, showing how yoga balances the energy of the human body and supports the body/mind/soul connection to sustain vibrant health.

Note The program room will be heated to between 85 and 95 degrees.

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to Nov 19

Yoga Coachella + Coachella Valley

Join Rajashree in Palm Desert, California for yoga therapy classes and lectures at Yoga Plus Coachella Valley. Go here or call 760-346-2988 for more information.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2-4 PM – Hot Yoga Master Class

4-5 PM – "Yoga as Therapy" Lecture

Sunday, November 19, 2017

2-3:30 PM - Therapeutic Hot Yoga for All Levels

4-5:30 PM - "Yoga Philosophy" Lecture

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to Jun 25

11th Annual Hot Yoga Woman's Retreat

Please JOIN US THIS JUNE for the 11th annual Hot Yoga Women’s retreat with:

Rajashree Choudhury; Certified Yoga Therapist,  Founder of USA Yoga & the International Yoga Sports Federation.

Doreen Wiggins; MD Breast and GYN surgeon, women’s cancer survivorship. She is the founder of Center for OB/GYN. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including, teaching Excellence Award from Brown University Medical Students and we are excited to have her with us to share insight on Women’s health and our yoga practices.

Liz Patnode; Nationally recognized Living foods Chef Yum! Owner of True North, True North Juce Co., and Bikram Yoga Mendon. She is our HOST! and will take care of all the good things to eat in between the other good stuff!


HOME BASE – The Killington Mountain Lodge, Killington Vermont:

Our home base is the stunning newly restored property known as The Killington Mountain Lodge, Killington VT, All classes, seminars, activities & meals will happen right on site! Our playground of bliss – The Vermont Green Mountains just outside the door. Seem like a lot of goodness? IT IS!!

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to Apr 23

Family Yoga Weekend with Rajashree


For information Phone: 612-870-9642

Held at: 2836 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Schedule with Prices:

5p Hot yoga class $40
7p Teacher gathering

8a Pranayama and Meditation $25
9:15-11:15a Kids yoga w/ Miss Beth $25
12-4p Rajashree Pregnancy Yoga Workshop for Teachers $100
5p Hot yoga class $40
7p Cooking Class with Raj and Beth Dooley.
Raj will be cooking her specialties and we know Beth will teach us something. bethdooleyskitchen.com Dinner and drinks included! (limit 10 people)

9:15a-11:15a Kids yoga class with Miss Beth & Raj $25
12-4p Raj's intermediate series (32 postures) $100

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